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Identifying what causes dry eyes is the first step to finding the right approach to treatment. Because the causes are so diverse, prescribing the wrong thing could be problematic. In fact, many patients who struggle with chronic dry eye disease have been misdiagnosed and are still searching for the right treatment. Many would try anything to relieve their symptoms, from home-based dry eye remedies and dietary changes to over-the-counter medications, drugs, in-office procedures, and even surgery. The problem is, these approaches can be unsuccessful when prescribed incorrectly. Knowing the root cause for dry eyes helps doctors determine the most effective dry eye treatments. 

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of people suffer from dry eye symptoms at some point
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of dry eye cases are left untreated and can worsen with time
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of dry eye symptoms can be resolved with the right treatment

Dry Eye Treatments & Procedures

Based on the information collected during a CSI Dry Eye Software assessment, doctors can choose from the suggested recommendations for dry eye treatments provided by the software to create an informed, unbiased plan for the patient. Whether it’s OTC products, at-home remedies, prescription drugs, in-office procedures, or surgical techniques, CSI Dry Eye Software will help establish the necessary baseline and complete picture of your dry eye disease that will guide your doctor to the right solutions for your symptoms.  

What are the causes
of dry eyes?

The causes of dry eye are many, from external to systemic to age-related causes. If left untreated, dry eye disease can potentially lead to permanent damage to your ocular surface architecture. The sooner you can fully understand the reasons behind your symptoms, the better you can prevent additional damage.

Finding the right
dry eye treatments

Finding the appropriate dry eye treatment is a challenge. Traditionally, many patients continued to suffer the symptoms and effects of dry eyes even after being treated by a doctor because the treatment was incorrect or incomplete. CSI Dry Eye Software is a way to prevent this type of frustration. The CSI Dry Eye Software provides a way for doctors to prescribe treatments based on seeing the whole picture behind your dry eye presentation. 

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How Do I Know If I Have Photophobia?

Photophobia is sensitivity to light and may be a symptom of dry eyes. If you have photophobia, you may experience eye pain or headaches when exposed to bright lights and/or find yourself blinking and tearing up.
Everything You Need to Know About Dry Eye Disease
Dry eye disease is characterized by having chronic dry eyes, which could be the result of any number of issues. Dry eye disease is underdiagnosed and undertreated, often because each patient’s scenario is so unique.

What are the Causes of Red Eye?

Red-eye is a common symptom of dry eyes, but can also be caused by allergies, eye fatigue, contacts, or even an infection. In some cases, red eyes can indicate a more serious condition or disease.