Symptoms of Dry Eye

Common Dry Eye Symptoms

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Dry eye is most often characterized by a painful, scratching, or burning sensation when blinking, but there are several other dry eye symptoms. Dry eyes may also lead to itchiness, aching, bloodshot eyes, sensitivity to light (or photophobia), and blurred or fluctuating vision. Some dry eye patients also report feeling like there is a foreign object or material in their eye, a sensation known as foreign body sensation. Another common symptom is watery eyes, the reflex tearing that occurs in response to the eyes’ inability to correct or eliminate the underlying issue causing the dry eyes.

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of people suffer from dry eye symptoms at some point
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of dry eye cases are left untreated and can worsen with time
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of dry eye symptoms can be resolved with the right treatment

Causes of Dry Eye Symptoms


Dry eyes are the result of an imbalance in the film that keeps our eyes lubricated and healthy, reduced tear production, or a problem with the eyelid, tear ducts, or tear producing glands. Anything from environmental causes, including smoking, screen time, contact lenses, or heating and air conditioning, to natural causes such as aging, menopause, some autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, and even gender can be the root cause of dry eye symptoms. Discovering the source of the problem is vital to identifying the best treatments and relieving the frustrating and painful symptoms.

What is the treatment
for dry eyes?

Treatment for dry eyes depends on the source of the problem and the medical history of the patient. A treatment plan could include over-the-counter (OTC) artificial tears, prescription eye drops and/or oral medications, oral supplements, in-office procedures, and, rarely, surgical procedures.

Overcoming and understanding dry eye symptoms

Finding the right treatment for your dry eye symptoms can be a long and time-consuming process. Doctors spend time consulting and analyzing your symptoms but are often hindered by the inability to see all the potential culprits in addition to potential bias that can naturally occur with managing a multifactorial condition like dry eye disease. CSI Dry Eye Software is the first dry eye software of its kind to incorporate evidence-based and machine learning algorithms with a complete database of possible causes and treatments for dry eye disease. Doctors can use the software to analyze the data and provide an objective and accurate diagnosis. The software is also useful for providing treatment plans that can be more customized to your pattern of symptoms. Find a CSI Dry Eye Software clinic near you today!

CSI Dry Eye Software

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How Do I Know If I Have Photophobia?

Photophobia is sensitivity to light and may be a symptom of dry eyes. If you have photophobia, you may experience eye pain or headaches when exposed to bright lights and/or find yourself blinking and tearing up.
Everything You Need to Know About Dry Eye Disease
Dry eye disease is characterized by having chronic dry eyes, which could be the result of any number of issues. Dry eye disease is underdiagnosed and undertreated, often because each patient’s scenario is so unique.

What are the Causes of Red Eye?

Red-eye is a common symptom of dry eyes, but can also be caused by allergies, eye fatigue, contacts, or even an infection. In some cases, red eyes can indicate a more serious condition or disease.